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ERROR E-2201: The DAL interface library was loaded but the call to AllocIUmanaged failed



I've got an error in Intel JTAG Debugger 2014 when trying to connect to ITP-XDP3 - ERROR E-2201: The DAL interface library was loaded but the call to AllocIUmanaged failed.

How can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!


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Dear DM,

this error message indicates that a call to a debugger backend (Dfx Abstraction Layer) allocation function failed.

Can you let me know which exact target processor you are trying to connect to an which connection setting you are using in the debugger started via

Before moving on to my next recommendation below. I would like to check on a simple connection attempt using slightly incorrect connection settings first.

In the next step we could then check if we are dealing a faulty backend installation or USB driver installation.

If you are using it on Windows host, could you check if trying a different USB port works? Else,  I would recommend an uninstall and re-install oft he Intel(R) DFx Abstraction Layer  (Intel(R) DAL). The easiest way to do this is probably to go into the control panel to uninstall it and then use the Intel Systen Studio installer to d o a resinstallation.

If you are using ito on a Linux host you may want to double chck the prerequisites like the Mono package.


Thanks, Rob



sorry one more question: Can you let me know if you have any other Intel debug tools or analysis software tools (other than those coming with Intel System Studio) installed in parallel to the Intel(R) JTAG Debugger?

Thanks, Rob