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End product licensing

    Call-in case #: 02874726

    In Microsoft Visual Studio when trying to deploy my finished program, i ran into the problem of licensing: i had to call their legal department up to get a straight answer, but in then end, if you want to use Visual c++ and Direct X to make a game, or any application, and sell it, regardless of where you sell it, they said you have to buy the Enterprise version, and be part of a company making more than $1M a year to do so. as an indie developer, this is cost prohibitive, and employment prohibitive, as i have no professional experience, but have spent years programing.

    For the Intel System Studio Composer edition, is this the same? or are there simple royalties to be paid to Intel for each program sold?, or, in short, for the given scenarios, what are the conditions, in a straight forward way?

    there are 3 scenarios i would like to go over for this case, just to get everything out of the way: 1st and most importantly: a game. When using C++ and Direct X, or preferably Vulkan, is it then possible to take the finished product and sell it over steam, or another 3rd party website? (perhaps even my own?) 2nd: a simulator: if i were to program, for example: an industry grade circuitry simulator, would the conditions be the same? 3rd: a compiler: if i were to program one, what would be the conditions of the compiled code using the compiler? would they be defined by me? or are there other conditions?

    If this can be used by the at-home programmer to sell a product, this would be the answer to a long search, as the Microsoft compiler, as stated above, is simply out of reach, and the free gcc compilers, have been unreliable, buggy, cryptic to use, and not something i would use in a professional project.

    Much thanks to the person who can help me here, it's been a long search.

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