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How do you target a different SDK in Intel System Studio IOT Edition?




I am developing for the Intel Edison using the provided Intel System Studio IOT Edition.  


I can successfully build a Yocto image and produce the proper SDK using bitbake.  I have used the generated script to populate the sdk including the sysroot to /opt/poky-edison/1.7.3/.... Additionally, I have installed, and successfully used Intel System Studio IOT Edition to build example code and use it. 


I see that System Studio uses docker to execute in a container the toolchain including the sysroot.  Why do we need docker if we are on Linux?  How do I target my SDK rather than whatever one is in the docker container?  Do I need to make a new docker container?  Is so, how?  Do I need to modify the existing container? Again, if so, how?  Can I invoke the toolchain and sysroot locally without docker at all?  If so, how?


It seems that older versions of the IDE, when it was called Intel IoT Developer Kit, did not use docker and the sysroot could be specified directly in the settings.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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