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How to use qm_uart_irq_read

Hi, I am looking at the D2000 serial example and they use qm_uart_irq_read() but there is not quite enough information there for me to use it in my programs. The example is set to call uart_o_example_rx_callback(). That has the parameters id (UART number ?) and the length of data received. The data is in the passed in rx_buffer. How do I access that data in the non-interrupt parts of my program. On other chips and systems I would implement a FIFO and pass it that way but there are no semaphore or mutex's available so that is out. Is there any examples of how that is done ? Also is there more documentation on the qm_ functions used in the D2000 than just the Doxygen pages ? Thank you for the help. --jim schimpf

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