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ISS 2020 windows install fails due to existing Advisor 2019

I am attempting to install Intel System Studio 2020 on Windows for Windows target.  The installer fails when it discovers an existing Advisor 2019 with the following message:

Intel(R) Advisor 2019 is installed on your system. This version of the Intel(R) System Studio 2020 Ultimate Edition for Windows* software is incompatible with Intel(R) Advisor 2019. Please install this software on a fresh Windows system.

I uninstalled Advisor 2019, rebooted, but the ISS 2020 installer still fails with the same message.  I have gone through registry and discovered several references to Advisor 2019 and have removed those - but all further attempts to install ISS 2020 fail with the same message.

I then fully uninstalled ISS 2019 and attempted the ISS 2020 install - still no success.

Any assistance on how to install ISS 2020 without...

"a fresh Windows system"

...(does that really mean a system with no previous Intel installations or no other software?) will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.


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After several days of combing through the windows registry, and researching how Windows handles installations, I stumbled upon what might have been the issue.

I noticed in one of the uninstall keys, a reference to msi packages, followed that thought to this site:

how to list installed applications from a command line

That led me to the C:\Windows\Installer directory from which I searched for the words "advisor 2019", which led me to two .msi files and two .tmp files.

After deleting those 4 files, the installer for ISS 2020 no longer advised me that Advisor 2019 was installed (although it really wasn't) and the ISS 2020 installation completed successfully!