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Installation Parallel Studio XE failed

I am installing Intel Parallel Studio XE (2013 Initial Release) on Ubuntu 12.04. The whole installation consists of 7 steps. Problem occurs at 6. step. It says that 

"No packages found matching libgtk2.*common.
/tmp/install.wlFdSu/li_gen_bash.COkcP7: 681: return: Illegal number: -1"
And then the 7. step installation starts automatically. But each component is failed to be installed. 
Can someone explain to me why this happens?
Kind regards
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I have fixed this problem by installing the corresponding packages. Then I got another problem:

 You are now ready to begin installation. You can use all default install
 settings by simply choosing the "Start installation Now" option or you c
 customize these settings by selecting any of the change options given be
 first. You can view a summary of the settings by selecting
 "Show pre-install summary".
 1. Start installation Now
 2. Change install directory      [ /opt/intel ]
 3. Change components to install  [ All ]
 4. Change advanced options
 5. Cluster installation          [ Current node ]
 6. Show pre-install summary
 h. Help
 b. Back to the previous menu
 q. Quit
 Please type a selection or press "Enter" to accept default choice [1]: 
 WARNING: Destination directory already exists.
 Would you like to overwrite this directory? ( Yes/No ) [ Yes ] :
 Checking the prerequisites. It can take several minutes. Please wait...
 Segmentation fault (core dumped)
Can somebody again explain to me why this happens?
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