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Post install Issues - Missing resources or incorrect docs


I installed System Studio 2013.024 onto a Linux (Fedora 14) host.

Going thru the documentation, a couple of referenced files are not found in the SS install:

1) Is the document at the following link current for System Studio 13?

 Page 2 of the document makes reference to the file compilervars.(c)sh, which I cannot find in my install.


2) Also, similar situation for the document at the following link,

which references the file system_studio_target.tgz, in folder /

This file is also not present on my install.

If the above files are actually supposed to be present, how do I get these missing pieces?


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Hi Eric,

the articles you refer to are still based on a slightly older version of Intel System Studio. The basic premise of what they are saying is however correct. The release notes, which are newer should desribe those details correctly.

I'll escalate to the author of the articles to have them correctly reflect the current version.

1. The equivalent to compilervars.(c)sh can be found in /opt/intel/system_studio_2013.1.024/bin/iccvars.(c)sh now.

2. The target components tarball can be found in ~/Downloads/l_cembd_p_2013.1.024/rpm after unpackign the complete installation package. from where you run It is indeed named system_studio_target.tgz

If you used the online installer shell script for your System Studio installation instead you should find it in the temporary directory created during download.

I will also attach the target package tarball to a private message in this thread.

Thanks, ROb