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Problem in Activating Intel C Compiler tool in Eclipse JUNO IDE



I have installed Intel System Studio in Ubuntu 12.04 and it is  integerated with  Eclipse juno IDE . Iam trying to compile the code which consist of both C and C++ files.Among all files, C++ file is compiling without  any  Error . But in case of C files,Iam facing problems(Errors in code). I could not resolve it. These C files are compiled in GCC compiler without any issue. Is there any issue with the compiler?  or issue in my code? 

In Eclipse IDE, I tried changing the settings of Intel C++ Compiler to Intel C Compiler in the Tool Chain Editor, it is not responding to the changes. This tends me to think whether intel C compiler is Enabled in my IDE or not. Kindly provide the solution for this as soon as possible.

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     I am handling this issue. I did check in our lab machine with Eclipse* LUNA* 4.4.2 installed and see the C and C++ compilers and Linkers being listed in Eclipse*. Please see the attached screenshot for reference. So could you please re-install and let me know if the issue is been fixed, else I can escalate this to our development team.

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Sukruth H V