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Problem in Vtune profiling the shared library statically linked with my NDK app

I am working on an Android NDK app (Java/C++) which is linked with static libraries. I have built this NDK apk using the latest Android studio with  Cmake build.My apk compiles and executes perfectly fine on the android target device. The problem happens when I try to analyze my application with Vtune Amplifier.

I use the "sep" sampling collection tool to collect the hardware events on the NDK apk. This sampling event when imported in Vtune do not show any information on my shared native lib. I can see my android test apk in the process stack but when i do a drop down , I can see other libraries but not my test  shared native lib.

The logcat results show that my test shared lib is loaded and gets executed and invoked by Java Functions but still not clear as to why I do not see it in the Vtune amplifier.

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