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Project for building in a container and running on Linux


Hi, on a windows 10 host machine I try to build a project in a docker container as described in the document called "Cross Development Environment with Intel® System Studio 2018" (file Cross Development Environment with Intel System Studio 2018.pdf). I use Intel system Studio 2019. After installation of Docker I see in the new project wizard the option "Project to cross compile C/C++ for Linux and Android targets" but not the option "Project for building in a container and running on Linux". Why? Is there a new version of the above mentioned file for Intel system studio 2019?



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Hi Fabien, 

Going from 2018 to 2019 we made some changes in the UI. The "Project for building in a container and running on linux' option is now starting with language choice. So if you choose C++ in the image below and click next, it will give you various option to build in a container or not.



The checkbox for 'Docker' dictates if the build is in the container. 

dockerchoice.PNGYou can start from 'Hello World' or anywhere else.

Were you following a particular set of instructions that are outdated? If you could let me know we can make sure they are updated. 

Thank you.