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Questions about OpenIPC and DAL


according to the DAL Python CLI User Guide DAL contains some functions that I need for some research. These would be "edbgread", "edbgwrite" and "set_debugoptin".

Now as far as I understood OpenIPC kinda replaced DAL but I can't find any of these functions in ipccli. Do these functions just really not have a counterpart in IPC or did I miss something? 

Anyway so since OpenIPC didn't do the trick I tried to connect to my target via DAL but the connection always failed. First it said that it couldn't open some files because of missing admin rights. When trying to connect with the needed rights according to System Studio the DAL connection either times out or gives me:  "Internal TCF communication error. Step: Connect to debug and trace target".

Does anyone know a way of fixing this or if there actually is a way to get the needed functionality via OpenIPC?

Thanks in advance!

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