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Set up D2000 For i2c Comms

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Ive created a debug unit (with LCD/Bluetooth/Arduino Mega). It can takes messages from any device via i2c/Bluetooth etc and display them on a connected LCD/save them to SD card/Upload all via Bluetooth. I want to send a message to my i2c on the mega. I have two pins on the mega 20 is the SD and 21 is the SDC.


can anyone provide me with some example code on how to send a simple string/array of bytes down the wire from the D2000 to wire address 9 (my Arduino mega) please. Also the pin config do I just connect  the SDA on the d2000 to the SDA on the mega, and the same with the SCL and then connect a common ground ? The mega uses 5 volt on the signal pins, will this be ok for the d2000 ?



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Hello marcus o,

If you would like to learn how to use the D2000's I2C interface, I'd suggest you to start by checking out the I2C example found in QMSI's Github ( The connection is a standard I2C connection, therefore, the D2000's SDA should connected to the Mega's SDA and the D2000's SCL should be connected to the Mega's SCL. You can learn more about how the I2C interface works in

Also, if you are using the customer reference board, as you can see Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller D2000 Development Platform: Hardware Manual ( in section 2.1 you can see that it only supports IO at 3.3V. So, if you are going to use the D2000 to interact with the Mega, you will have to use a level translator.

I hope this information helps you.