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Slow Build Times


Is there anyway I can speed up the build time of projects in ISSM, when I build a clean project, it can take from 4-12 minutes to finish, if I'm rebuilding a project it'll take from 20s - 3 minuntes. This is a large project but colleagues are building the same projects alot faster.

I'm running windows 10 with 8GB ram and an i5 processor so I dont think it should be this slow. I usually have chrome and a serial monitor open in the background but no other programs that are too heavy.

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This is a good question. though the answer depends on a number of factors.  I am running on a comparable system and I typical see build times of 2-3 minutes on the first run and then significantly less on later runs (due to the incremental build process). 

The first thing to check is what other processes you have running on your system, as this maybe be using memory that could be used to build your application.  I find there are typically several memory heavy background processes running on computers these days. 

Next is to look at your build environment.  If you are building a Zephyr project, you will find it builds much faster with a Linux host because it’s designed natively for Linux and we are emulating that environment in Windows with build utilities. 

You should also keep in mind when comparing build time the complexity/size of your application, as a more complex application will naturally take longer than a simple/small one. 

Another thing to note, if you run a clean  on your project, which is generally a good practice for major code changes then your build time will be long again as you are rebuilding the whole application instead of just the changes.

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