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System Debugger JTAG and vxWorks



I am working on a project that will be using a target with a CORE i7 running vxWork 6.9.

The online documentation mentions that the system debugger is OS aware for vxWorks but it mentions vxWorks 7. Will this product support 6.9?

The JTAG hardware ITP-XDP 3BR Kit is listed at $3000 but as understand it that does not include System Studio. How much is the System Studio version that supports the System Debuggger and the JTAG? Will these two items contain all that I need to debug my system?
Wind RIver has a JTAG debugger product that is going end of life this year. Can you compare the Intel product to the Wind River product? Is the Intel product as OS aware as the Wind River product?

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Dear Michael,

currently the Intel System Debugger only support VxWorks 7 and newer. We currently have no plans to add back-support for VxWorks 6.9, but I am sure a feature request to that effect can be filed.

The Intel System Debugger team is working very closely with Wind River and they did some testing on our solution to ensure we have the same level of OS awareness. 

The basic workflow and implementation details can be seen here:

as well as here:

The Intel System Debugger is part of the Intel System Studio Ultimate Edition available for a free 30day eval. The purchase pricing can be found here:

Thank you, Rob