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Tutorial for Flash games for Moblin


We have an issue in moblin. Can you please assist us.

we are trying to execute a sample clutter application. But we are unable to view the output qemu/ kvm window. Please help us in executing the sample clutter application. We want to develop a flash application(stand alone) for moblin netbook. Please provide any tutorial for developing applications in flash. Please find below the Hardware and software details.

HardWare Details : Intel Q9400, Intel Mother Board DG45ID
Software Details : Ubantu 8.0


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Hi Praveen,

the best starting place for the Clutter Moblin API and application templates is probably Your issue could either be with the VM configuration (most likely) or with the underlying grpahics chip on yourreference platform.

This forum here is not ideal for disucssing Moblin specific questions. Let me me therefore recommend that you check out the Moblin blog, but more importantly

1) Join the Moblin mailing list repeat your question there. This mailing list is quite active and someone is bound to have some good tips for you.

2) For fast respne the Mobln IRC channel isprobably the best way to go:
Thanks, Rob
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