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Vtune giving "license not found" error in evaluation mode



I am trying to run Vtune on Centos 5.4 (kernel : 2.6.18-164.10.1.el5) under the evaluation license. I placed the license sent to me as an attachment at /opt/intel/licenses . Currenly, one one file i.e. the license file is present there. We have set the environment variables LM_LICENSE_FILE = /opt/intel/licenses/EVALxxxx.lic and INTEL_LICENSE_FILE=/opt/intel/licenses . When we try to run vtune, it gives following error.

A license for VTune Performance Analyzer 9.1 for Linux* was not found.

Please try recopying your license file to the directory pointed by INTEL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable, usually it is /opt/intel/licenses. If this condition persists, please contact Customer Support at

What am I missing? I tried reinstalling the software but that didnt solve the problem. Please help urgently.


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Dear Abhi,

it looks as though you handled the installation correctly as outlined in the Install_All.htm Installation guide that is part of the Intel Application Software Development Tool Suite 2.1 for Intel Atom processor distribution.

The license included in that distribution has one limitation in that it only allows for analyzing data that has been sampled remotely using SEP.It does not allow for performance analysis directly on a non- Intel Atom processor based system. Could that be what you are running into?

Regardless the VTune Performance Analyzer GUI should come up - does it?

Could you share the feature keys and the expiration dates of your license file with me?

Thanks, Rob