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What is Open Source Mobile Internet Devices

Dear Sir/mam,

I am an UG student I am very much Interested in open source softwares and Networking and Hardwares. But I dont know how to Participate in these activities. I want to become A Brown Belt software Developer or Green Belt Software Developer pls Guide Me.

My Contact No: +91 9976294191

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Thank you for your inquiry.

to start developing for a Mobile Internet Device I would recommend you have a close look at and register in the community there. For multimedia player codecs and the like I would recommend you have a look at There you can get access to the repository for the entire helix media player software stack.

As far as a development platform to use, I would simply do a search for Mobile Internet Devices or netbooks on the web. It may be easier to start developing for a Intel Atom based netbook ideally running Linux, but you can also install a standard Linux or Moblin compliant Linux* on a netbook afterwards..

Intel's development tools supporting Moblin and Mobile Internet Devices are available at

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