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Which Intel Compiler can create Firmware for Bare Metal Circuit Board Operation?

Hello all,

  I'm looking for a firmware compiler for the Intel Atom D410pt Deskboard. I don't wish to do Linux/Windows/Any Other OS app development.

Which Intel Compiler can create firmware for bare metal programming, like the Atmel series MCU's use.

Understood BIOS lives in Flash, but so does Atmel AVR32 firmware.

How do I create a BIOS binary? I'm not seeing 1 single compiler for bare metal programming.

They're all Windows this and Windows that. How do we program the circuit boards in binary?

Or in lingo for everyone to understand, how do we compile our own BIOS firmware for these circuit boards?

Thanks, just a bit frustrated there's no information on this subject. Why is Intel not creating CPU specific compilers for their line, and it would also be better if we could select which boards we're programming for, like we can with Atmel's line of boards selecting by board model where hardware libraries can be used when creating binaries.

It would make sense since Atmel uses Intel HEX that Intel compilers would also create HEX files for uploading to BIOS Flash.

My goal is to hardcode hardware drivers directly in the BIOS firmware to open up all hardware on the circuit board.

I'll need a firmware compiler and a board specific hardware library, (Like Atmel's line of boards and compiler) to access all hardware on the D410pt Deskboard like we can with Atmel Studio for their line of boards.

Thank for your help.



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     The Intel System Studio has an Intel Compilers for the application development, Just wanted to know if you have explored Intel FSP (Intel(R) Firmware Support Package) and Intel BLDK (Intel(R) Boot Loader Development Kit) packages? We have Intel System debugger which would be helpful in debugging EFI/UEFI firmware that is part of Intel System Studio.

Sukruth H V


What Sukruth noted earlier makes sense and I'd like to add a little more as a related info with reference to bare metal support as an FYI. The Intel Compiler component in the Intel System Studio  product is compatible with GCC and can replace GCC in bare metal environments except doesn't provide any additional features beyond the standard compiler features such as generic optimizations and IPO (intelprocedural optimization) and optimization reports for doing analysis but nothing else that may need any runtime libraries. The only advantage with doing so is to get any performance advantage and support for the latest Intel Processors per-se. Of course, one still needs the bin utils (linker, as) etc., which are GNU based as well.  That said, Sukruth's response to your question sounds good.



While I am still confused, would System Studio or Parallel Studio be able to create bare metal binaries for an Intel Atom D410 CPU? Thanks.