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XDB: one core is running for unknown reason



I am trying to use xdb with the crown beach atom board. I connect the Jtag probe and the debugger works opens correctly, but it keeps giving me the error message 'one core is running for unknown reason' in the console. Hitting stop,restart or whatsoever does not seem to solve the problem. Does anybody know how to get rid of it?

Also, is there a tutorial on how to use XDB with a bios rom (which is not elf) and step through the assembly code?



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Dear Alessandro,
if you have a hyperthreading enabled BIOS and Linux core on the system you are debugging you should not get this error message.
If however SMP is disabled on your system the following change in settings should take care of this error:
You can edit the file: /opt/intel/xdb/1.1.007/bin/ (default installation)

And remove the SMP from the second line from the bottom:

- tgttype 'JTAG IA SMP' [original]

- tgttype 'JTAG IA' [modified]

Should this tip not help there may be a more serious hardware access problem on your Crown Beach board.
We may need to invetsigate it further in that case. Can you check memory window access and disassembly views after initial debugger connect?