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Xflash utility for windows


We are working on a Menlow based paltform. Would like to find some way to update the BIOS image we have on our board. How Xflash utility can help us, if I have a host system which runs on WinXp. How can I download it and where can I get the help/documentation for the same.
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Hi Siddharth,

the complete Software Development Tool Suite and especially the Intel C++ JTAG Debugger that is part of it are currently only available for Linux host. For Windows targeted development we currently refer our customers tothe wide range of Intel development solutions for the desktop market, since the development methodology for Windows XP based target devices is very similar to that of a standard notebook.

That said, even if you are developing for a Windows XP target, as long as you have a Linux host you can use the XFlash utility to reflash your target BIOS.

If you don't have a choice, but need to use a Windows host forchanging the BIOS I would recommend that you contact your FAE or your contact from the Ultra-Mobile Group at Intel directly and he may be able to provide you with an alternative non-public solution.

Sorry for not having a Windows hosted BIOS flashing utility for the Intel Atom processor at this time.