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how to run linux and nake running program simultaneously on different core respectively


Dear all

We are developing embedded program. We are using multi-core intel cpu. We want to run nake running program on the specific core on which there isn't operation system. And running Linux operation system on other cores. Please tell me if it is possible and which sdk or tools I should use to realize this requirement.

Alternatively, though the linux operation system running on all cores, if I can use the specific core just to run one application program. I think we can realize the requirement.

Please tell me how to realize the above requirement.

Thank you very much.

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Dear Xialong,

the way to isolate a core in a traditional Linux* environment would be to use a virtual machine manager or hypervisor and dedicate one specific core and VM to your RTOS. Your RTOS vendor may have additional alternative approaches that you could consider and that may be a bit more light-weight than virtualization. I think looking at VMMs and hypervisors from differnt vendors as well as the open source community would be a good start though.

In terms of Intel's software development tools. Currently the Intel(R) C++ Compiler and the Intel software development tools (debuggers, analyzers, libraries) only supports Linux*, Windows*, and OS X* targets. For Linux* target this does include support for real-time scheduler based environments and integration of the Intel(R) C++ Compiler into cross-build GNU* toolchains. One additional exception to this is that Wind Ricer* distributes a version of the Intel(R) C++ Compiler that integrates with the build environment for VxWorks* as a target RTOS.

Individual RTOS vendors tend to additionally have their own cross-build tools solution for their sepcific RTOS on Intel(R) architecture. The RTOS API should allow you to do message passing between the core that runs the RTOS and the other cores that run Linux*.

Thanks, Rob