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installation not accepting license file or serial number


Installing the Intel Parallel Studio XE Professional Edition for FORTRAN and C++.  I get to the step to activate the license via the serial number or the license file.  I have both provided to me by Intel via e-mail (actually, I had to download the license file from the registration).  After several attempts, it is obvious it is not going to work.  I get an error 88.  I look this up, it implies I need to set my "PC time" to be accurate.  Since I use ntp to control my linux server time, this is odd.  So, I reboot and go to the bios and manually set the PC time from UTC to EST just to make sure it "matches" with the ntp time (which is impossible BTW since ntp is much more accurate than I can input by hand).  Still same error.  Hence, I am sending in this help request.   I am attaching an image of the popup screen generated by the install error.  It reads "Following error has occurred during license check (-88).  Please refer to for details."

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So, how does one get help for this Intel product in order to install it?  It has been several days, there is no phone number to call, neither the serial number nor the license file I was provided is being accepted when I try to install it, and I get no response from this forum.  Perhaps Intel doesn't care if I use their product or not ? What is the deal here?


I have now started to receive some direct technical support for installation from Intel.  Thanks.