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intel media sdk 2015 “Generic” installation

Dear all:
    I'm working on video conference.recently I have purchased intel NUC5i5RYK,I want to try intel media server studio 2015 on Ubuntu,  so I use the "genenric" option to install the Media server studio on Ubuntu , but I met two questions:
      (1) Considering that the "generic" option  Supported kernel version is 3.14.5,so I plan to install ubuntu Desktop version 14.04.1(kernel version: 3.13), then Upgrade kernel mode to 3.14.5, But I can not successful install ubuntu 14.04.1 ,In the process of installation, the image interface is displayed,  I have know the rtession that  the Graphics of  intel NUC5i5RYK is HD 6000,  supported tkernel version of the Ubuntu is above 3.18, so i can't  install Successfully.
     (2) I install ubuntu Desktop 14.04.3 Successfully(kernel version: 3.19)on NUC5i5RYK, ,then install kernel mode driver 3.14.5,Remove the 
    Initial kernel version 3.19,but it will take a long time to Restart the operating system,and graphical interface is not normal.
   Now,I don't know  how to solve the above problems,hoping to get everyone's help!
    thanks !

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