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First time using Intel Unite, need help setting up


I have no problems with intel hub. It's currently running and displaying the welcome screen with pin numbers on the top right corner. 

But I currently have problems trying to use client apps. I've just installed client apps on my windows 10 laptop and two android devices. After launching apps on android devices for the first time, it reads:

     "Unable to connect to server. Please contact your IT department"

and no error code is displayed.

On laptop it displays this message:

     " ! Configuration Needed - unable to set up app. Please contact you IT department"

and error code is 0x0053B


Do I have to pair these devices prior on the admin portal? I thought they could automatically connect if I just type in 6 letter PIN? I've been searching for a solution but all video guides or manuals just show how client app just shows the screen where they can type in PIN and get connected...

I also noticed is currently down. Are some intel services down for maintenance right now?

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Okay turns out, It just needed device provisioning thingy.  Now the client works and I can connect to the hub. But here's another problem. When provisioning url is copied and pasted on windows browsers, it knows that it should launch intel unite client and does exactly that. But on Android devices, it just performs a google search...  I can go to the admin portal on said android device and perform provisioning manually, but that would be not ideal in some use cases. How do I make url to open up unite client on android?

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Additionally, intel unite keeps crashing on galaxy tab s6 lite. No error code, just instantly crashes. Any known fix?

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