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Hub screen stops updating



I'm currently doing a POC of an Enterprise installation of the Unite application that is generally working well. Periodically (i.e. 1-2 per week) the hub stops updating it's display while in sharing mode. When this occurs, the hub will show the mouse movement from the client PC but none of the screen updates (e.g. window content, dialogs, etc) will be shown. The hub PC shows a black background with the mouse moving over top. Usually, this occurs during the initial sharing (as opposed to mid-session) and it appears to be an issue with the hub itself as opposed to the client PC as the issue persists across multiple users. The issue is usually resolved by rebooting the hub PC. I have scheduled daily reboots of the hub (approx 5AM) but this does not seem to improve the reliability. The hub unit is an HP Collaboration PC.

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