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Intel Unite 3.1 no Plugins tab under Settings

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As soon as we were able to resolve a previous issue by upgrading to Intel Unite version 3.1 (latest), a new issue has popped up.

After the successful installation of Intel Unite 3.1, under Intel Unite Settings, there are only three tabs:


User Interface


Judging from the User Guide for 3.1 version, it's on purpose.

The issue is that there is no Plugins tab.

Because of this I can't enable the installed plugins such as Skype for Business or Guest Access plugins which seems to be required.

Version of Unite Client and Hub:

I have tried reinstalling Intel Unite Hub and doing so didn't resolve the issue.

What could be the issue? Are the new plugins (3.1) supposed to work straight after the installation?

Best Regards,


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Hello edvards.antonovs,



Thank you for contacting the Intel community.



I'm sorry that you haven't been able to install any of the plugins.



In this case, you will need to install the plugin as well and also install the Intel Unite® App Plug-Ins



Please check how you need to configure the plugin Skype for Business*:


See page 7 of 22




Best regards,




Ivan U.



Dear Ivan,

I am having the same problems:

I am using the HP Slice for Meeting Rooms

- Installed Office 365 Pro Plus

- Configured Skype for Business as stated in the provided document

- Installed the HUB Software as StandAlone

- Installed the Outlook PlugIn

- Installed the Skype for Business Plugin

- Installed Protected Guest Access Plugin

When I invite the account, the Skype for Bussiness Plugin does not automaticly accept the meeting and the Plugins are not visible in the client app.

I the Unite settings, the tab Plugins is not available, but I can get to it using next.

I am wondering if the Skype Plugin functionality is availble in the standalone configuration?

(It has cost me 3 days allready!)

Community Manager

Hello Albert-Vitasys,



I'm sorry about the problem you have experience with the Intel® Unite app, in this case, please bear in mind that the plugin is available or it works only on the Intel® unite enterprise and it doesn't work with the Intel® unit standalone.



Best regards,



Ivan U