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Intel Unite & Office 365 roombooking


HI All,

I've got the Intel Unite Skype 3.0 plugin working with Office 365.

However office 365 is using a normal mail account not a resource account.

When using a resource account, the meetings will not be visible on the Intel HUB ?

Reason is that EWS is not supported for resource accounts maybe?

The drawback is that when using a normal mail account, the pluging will handle the confirmation , busy etc,

but you cannot select a room in outlook when booking, instead you include the IntelUnite e-mail adres on the TO:

Is this the correct way of using this ? I would think that it is more logical for users to book a room and being

able to select it as a resource instead of mailing the IntelUnite room from the address list.

Please help ,

Thank you !


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Hi Hans

you mentioned that with normal mailbox account, the Skype for Business plugin works fine with you and only with resource mailbox does not work, did you get any feedback from Intel for this? I tried both resource and normal mailbox account, but always same issue e.g. no available meeting appear with Skype for Business plugin as shown below, do you have any idea for that?


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