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Intel Unite funktioniert nicht auf Intel vPro Hardware, warum?! Fehler "ID666666"


Intel Unite Hub Version funktioniert nicht.

Installiert auf einem HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Mini welcher definitiv vPro fähig ist!

KVM, Media Redirection etc - somit muss ja auch die Intel Unit Software funktionieren.

Das tut Sie aber nicht.

Gibt es evtl. eine aktuellere Version der Software?

Bei Intel wird man ja leider überhaupt nicht fündig was das betrifft.


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Hi, thanks for reaching out. Although the computer model you are using is a Vpro enabled platform, the specific model HP EliteDesk 800 G2 is not a supported platform to act as a HUB.


Hello Stan,

I talked to the HP Support and they told me (after reaching out to 2nd level support) that the

system has to be ordered explicit with the "option" to work with intel unite.


Then they use a kind of different bios/rom/firmware or whatever that makes it compatible with intel unite.


So they intentionally exclude certain functions, so not all their vpro systems are intel unite "ready".


Which I definitely do not endorse.

Also a hp representative told us any vpro enabled HP EliteDesk 800 G2 System would be intel unite ready.


Shame on them to not even know their products.

So "not supported platform" like you say isn't that right if it's true.

Outside of EMEA they also offer a SKU which is named "Collaboration PC":

But they have nothing comparable in EMEA which you can buy of the shelf.


You seem to have to go the way with a build-to-order system, so not cheap.

But at the intel channel conference this year we were told by several intel representatives that

it is sufficient to "pick" any vpro enabled system (cpu+chipset) and unite will run on it (hub).

Again people not knowing their technologies.

Since we are Intel Technology Provider Gold Partner and I am Technical Sales Engineer I would like to know:


1. Why is Intel Unite tied on vpro. What is the technical necessity behind it? Because I don't see any.


The intel representatives at the ICC told me there is none. The only kind of "reason" is that if a small PC is

tucked up behind a flatscreen or is in not that accessible areas or positions then you can better remote manage it.

So is that the only "reason"? Or is it just marketing to sell "pricier" vpro systems?

Would be great to have an answer to this.

2. What are Intel Unite supported platforms to act as a HUB? Is there a list?

In the PDFs of Intel Unite nothing is mentioned about supportet platforms.

This is what the pdf says:

Hub Requirements:

 4th generation or newer Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based mini PC

 4 GB RAM

 1 GB available storage

 Microsoft* Windows* 7, 8, 8.1 or 10

 Microsoft .NET* 4 or greater

 Wired or wireless network connection


Not reading any word on "supported systems".

3. What does the intel unite installer check for?


If the system is on the "supported platform list" (.ini file?) -> very bad solution!

Or does it really check technical requirements with the system. -> better


Altought like I said I don't think there a technical reason intel unite has to be run on vpro systems.

4. What is the technical difference, or maybe what on top of vpro is addionally

required, so that intel unity will run un that system? Or what in firmware is deactived and needs activated?


5. It is also great that nobody on the german ITP team has somewhat technical knowledge on "software products",

no help from there..


We think intel unite is a very interesting solution and would like to show and offer it to our customers. It ist declared by intel

to be set up very easy. But if you already have that much trouble finding a system to run it on, then intel has done a bad job!

kind regards

Community Manager

We have the same problem. In our case, Intel shows "Dell OptiPlex 7040" as compatible but when you buy a custom config it doesn't work. Exact same hardware doesn't work. The plugins that check hardware platform should be checking required hardware not a vendor based SKU. If I try to install on a non vPro PC, it comes right up and says I don't have the required hardware so I don't understand why I can install but not run on the required hardware.

We need a fix from Intel that allows us to run the hub when we have the correct chipset regardless of vendor model.



Same problem with our installation.

We bought an HP Elitedesk 800 G2 SFF (P1G16ET# UUG) which was one of the selected platforms compatible with Intel Unite; as advertised by our distributor.

The system meets all requirements for intstallation of the hub software. Despite several installation trials we receive always same error:


Platform check fails with error ID666666 This error indicates that the platform


is not compatible with the Intel Unite application. Check with the OEM vendor


to make sure you have a supported platform to run the application.

It should be simple and easy, but we still haven't succeeded.

We like a sollution to this issue.

Maybe a bios system update will help?

As I understand that the Unite installer checks several points...


Hi Accel, please contact your systems vendor, they should be able to provide help with your issue.


Hamanjam, could please provide me with your contact information through private message?

Community Manager

Systems that support the Intel Integration Hub are predefined.

Even if your system supports vpro, the Intel unite hub may not be installed.

I have been able to find the root cause through several tests.

The Intel NUC5I5MYHE also encountered an issue with ID66666.

ID66666 refers to boards that do not support Intel Unite Hub.

If the supported model is correct and you have the issue, please check the BIOS information of the board.

The figure below shows two Intel NUC5I5MYBE boards.

Compare the board information of the two systems.

Both models support Intel UNITE HUB models are supported, but the ID66666 issue is displayed on the right product due to board information error.

Solution - Warranty request