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Unable to get iOS access working on Small Business Deployment


I am testing out a Standalone instance of the Unite App on a VPro NUC. It works as expected for Windows and Mac clients connecting and displaying screens. But I loaded the iOS app onto an iPhone and it only displays 6 character spaces for entry of the PIN and only provides a numeric keypad. The Small Business instance on the Hub displays a 8 character PIN with alpha and numeric. I am therefore mystified regarding how to get the iOS device to connect. I have reviewed a lot of literature online and I cannot determine how to get the iOS device connected? Suggestions please!

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Hello senordude,



I understand you are trying to use the Intel Unite® iOS app with Intel Unite® Small Business.



Let me apologize for any inconvenience this issue may be causing to you.



What happens is that Intel Unite® iOS app will only work with Intel Unite® Enterprise version.



Let me know if you have or not any other inquiry.





Fred D.
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