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Unite Client Screen is . . . Big


The Intel Unite client screen is . . . well . . . big. And . . . takes up a lot of unnecessary space. We've also had a lot of issues with it fitting on some screens - especially Hi-DPI screens that have different levels of scaling turned on. For example, we have some users that have resolution set to 1080p, and text/icon scaling to 150%. Unless you hide the taskbar in Windows 10, the buttons at the bottom of the client screen are behind the taskbar. There's no functional reason why the client should need that much real estate to begin with. So, why not offer a smaller client that exists in the Windows system tray that takes up less space, but allows you to begin casting?

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Hello Dwayne.Alton,

Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know this information, I will send it to the proper department for review and hopefully can be considered in the future.


Amy C.