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Using Exchange Calendar Passer Client with Office 365 and Azure AD


We use Office 365 and I was trying to use the Calendar Passer Client and had a lot of issues.


The first problem is that the AutoDiscovery was not working correctly for me. When I started the client it would hang for at lease 3 minutes. I finally figured out it was the AutoDiscovery that was taking all the time.


The second problem that I had was that I could not authenticate. The code does an OAuth token authenticate. The problem for me was that the "CalendarPasserClient" needed to be registered with Azure AD for the OAuth to work. I needed to go to my Azure AD portal and add the application manually. Here the information that you will need for registering the "CalendarPasserClient" with Azure AD.


Name: CalendarPasserClient

Application Id: ed0badb4-aa5e-40b2-814b-18a5086743f3


Hope this helps someone else.


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Hello IDepa15,


Thank you for your input. It is highly appreciated. 


Hopefully, other Community members will find this information useful if encountering this issue. 


Wanner G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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