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Why a client that previously was able to connect to a standalone hub, but after both moved to a new network, the client cannot connect to the hub anymore?


I installed Intel Unite standalone version on a PC, then installed the Unite client on a laptop. I was able to connect from the laptop to the hub PC using wireless network provided by a wireless router that both hub and client devices connected to. However after I moved both the hub and the client to a new network, the client cannot connect to the hub any more. I uninstalled the client software from the laptop and reinstalled from the hub using http://<new/ http:// hub IP address>/download, still couldn't connect. I was able to ping the hub IP address from the laptop. Please share any insight of what might be the cause of this issue and any advice to troubleshoot. Thank you.

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Hi rruan, standalone requires to be running on a network enviroment which only has 1 subnet and for both the hub and the client they need to be on the same vlan.

Can you perform an ipconfig /all so i can take a look at it your network config? please.

Thanks for reaching out!

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