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how to install libgtk2.0 for centos so that the system_studio_2020_u1_ultimate_edition_offline can be installed successfully


when I try to install the "system_studio_2020_u1_ultimate_edition_offline" which is Linux host for Linux target.

it tell me "Required packages: libgtk2.0 not installed", and it give an indicator as below:

Installation of "Target Indicator" require packages to be preinstalled, they can be installed with “sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0” on Debian/Ubuntu and “sudo dnf install libgtk2.0” on Fedora.


for the CentOS8, I had try "sudo dnf install libgtk2.0",

it was failed. Error: Unable to find a match: libgtk2.0 .

I had tried to CenOS7, it has the same error.

I had tried to install libgtk2.0 by manual as below:

yum -y install libgnomeui-devel

yum -y install gtk2 gtk2-devel gtk2-devel-docs

yum -y install gnome-devel gnome-devel-docs

those components are all installed successfully.


But when I run ./ for system studio again, the error still happened.

It still tell me "Required packages: libgtk2.0 not installed"

I want to know how the system studio 2020 define the "libgtk2.0" and how it judge the centos whether installed it?

can I has other ways to install libgtk2.0?

or what's components can I install to cause the system studio 2020 believe the libgtk2.0 installed successfully and the set up can continue?

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Hello xwang159,


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