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How do I download an evaluation copy of the Intel Parallel Studio XE?


Dear group--

I am attempting to download an evaluation copy of the Intel Parallel Studio XE composer edition for Linux, and I'm not having much success using the  website resources.  Advice is appreciated.

Thank you,


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Hi Ethan,

Please note, Intel® has transitioned from providing Intel® Parallel Studio XE to providing Intel® oneAPI Toolkits.


The details to get an evaluation license of Intel® Parallel Studio are unavailable since we have transitioned from it to Intel® oneAPI Toolkits. As much as we would like to assist you, the request for Intel® Parallel Studio XE is outside of our scope of assistance.


However, please know that the transition from Intel® Parallel Studio XE to Intel® oneAPI Toolkits delivers additional capabilities through existing tools and new tools.


The Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition product suite maps to the equivalent Intel® oneAPI Toolkits: Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit + Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit.


The Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit and the Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit are available for Windows*, Linux*, and macOS*.


·      Qualification – No qualification is required.

·      Support – All Intel® oneAPI Toolkits are available at no cost and include community forum support. Community Forums

·      Licensing – Install and run the tools under the terms of use found in the End User License Agreement. No license files are needed.


Please click on the below link to choose and download the required product tools with respect to Intel® oneAPI Toolkits.


Link -


Note - Make sure to download and install Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit first and then add Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit or the toolkit of your choice.


However, the only way left, to avail Intel® Parallel Studio XE suite is by purchasing a commercial or academic license for Intel® oneAPI Toolkits. You may contact our resellers or visit our webstore for more information regarding the purchase.


Reseller's Link:

Webstore Link:

Have a safe and wonderful day ahead!