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How to link ABAQUS with Intel One API toolkits to run FORTRAN SUBROUTINES


I am not able to link ABAQUS with Intel One API. I installed the INTEL ONE API Base toolkit and ONE API HPC toolkits. In the past there used to be INTEL PARALLEL STUDIO and the old fashioned way to link ABAQUS with INTEL PARALLEL STUDIO (to run the FORTRAN subroutines in ABAQUS) was by editing the ABAQUS2019.bat file located at the commands directory inside simulia folder and by calling the batch files ifortvars and mklvars but now it is not possible to link ABAQUS with ONE API as those batch files are not present inside the ONE API directory. Intel has highlighted that ONE API toolkit is the replacement of the older INTEL PARALLEL STUDIO.

Please help me to link the ABAQUS with the ONE API toolkit so that I can use it to run FORTRAN subroutines in ABAQUS. 

The procedure I followed for reference.

Installed Microsoft visual studio 

Installed one API base toolkit

Installed one API HPC toolkit

Installed ABAQUS

Now I am stuck what to do ?? Please help me out.

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Hi Asim,

As there is the same issue on  Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit forum we will not monitor this issue.

Please expect the response on the Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit forum, follow the below link for discussion related to this issue.

Warm Regards,


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