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How to use csh, tcsh and other non-POSIX shells with oneAPI and


oneAPI: or compiler/latest/ and other environment setup scripts:

Simplest workaround is:

# oneAPI use in csh/tcsh
bash -c 'source /opt/intel/oneapi/ ; exec csh'
# oneAPI compiler use in csh/tcsh
bash -c 'source /opt/intel/oneapi/compiler/latest/env/ ; exec csh'

IMPORTANT - do not use this workaround in your shell "rc" dot file; for example, in your ~/.cshrc file. Your shell RC file is invoked with each new shell - the "exec csh" in this workaround will start a new subshell, invoking .cshrc, which then execs a new shell; the new shell runs .cshrc and you get into an infinite loop.

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