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Support for the core tools and libraries within the base toolkit that are used to build and deploy high-performance data-centric applications.
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Is the intel-basekit missing a dependency?


When I install the intel base-kit on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.6, I see these dependencies:

toddb@zippy $ apt show intel-basekit
Package: intel-basekit
Version: 2021.4.0-3422
Priority: optional
Section: libs
Maintainer: Intel Corporation <>
Installed-Size: unknown
Depends: intel-basekit-getting-started (>= 2021.4.0-3422), intel-oneapi-common-vars (>= 2021.4.0-327), intel-oneapi-common-licensing (>= 2021.4.0-327), intel-oneapi-tbb-devel (>= 2021.4.0-643), intel-oneapi-dev-utilities (>= 2021.4.0-847), intel-oneapi-compiler-dpcpp-cpp (>= 2021.4.0-3561), intel-oneapi-ipp-devel (>= 2021.4.0-459), intel-oneapi-ippcp-devel (>= 2021.4.0-401), intel-oneapi-dal-devel (>= 2021.4.0-729), intel-oneapi-mkl-devel (>= 2021.4.0-640), intel-oneapi-dnnl-devel (>= 2021.4.0-467), intel-oneapi-ccl-devel (>= 2021.4.0-433), intel-oneapi-python (>= 2021.4.0-3353), intel-oneapi-dpcpp-ct (>= 2021.4.0-402), intel-oneapi-advisor (>= 2021.4.0-389), intel-oneapi-libdpstd-devel (>= 2021.5.0-445), intel-oneapi-diagnostics-utility (>= 2021.4.0-84), intel-oneapi-dpcpp-debugger (>= 10.2.4-56), intel-oneapi-onevpl-devel (>= 2021.6.0-458), intel-oneapi-vtune (>= 2021.7.1-492)
Download-Size: 2072 B
APT-Sources: all/main amd64 Packages
Description: Intel? oneAPI Base Toolkit

Because intel-oneapi-compiler-dpcpp-cpp-common is not being included, I saw this failure when I tried to build the hello_world.cpp program provided by ShivaniK_Intel, I saw this:

toddb@zippy $ icx -fsycl -fsycl-unnamed-lambda hello_world.cpp
hello_world.cpp:1:10: fatal error: 'CL/sycl.hpp' file not found
#include <CL/sycl.hpp>
1 error generated.

I fixed this by installing the missing package myself:

apt install intel-oneapi-compiler-dpcpp-cpp-common

But now I am seeing this error:

toddb@zippy $ dpcpp hello_world.cpp
In file included from hello_world.cpp:1:
In file included from /opt/intel/oneapi/compiler/latest/linux/include/sycl/CL/sycl.hpp:11:
In file included from /opt/intel/oneapi/compiler/latest/linux/include/sycl/CL/sycl/accessor.hpp:13:
In file included from /opt/intel/oneapi/compiler/latest/linux/include/sycl/CL/sycl/buffer.hpp:11:
In file included from /opt/intel/oneapi/compiler/latest/linux/include/sycl/CL/sycl/detail/buffer_impl.hpp:19:
/opt/intel/oneapi/compiler/latest/linux/include/sycl/CL/sycl/types.hpp:2336:48: error: 'T' does not refer to a value
using FieldT = decltype(__builtin_field_type(T, NumFieldsToCheck - 1));
/opt/intel/oneapi/compiler/latest/linux/include/sycl/CL/sycl/types.hpp:2333:20: note: declared here
template <typename T, unsigned NumFieldsToCheck>
<many other related errors>

Does anyone know what the issue is with this error? I am only trying to get a hello_world.cpp, which was provided by an Intel employee, working. I don't know why this is so hard. It makes me wonder how many more issues might come up if I start using oneAPI in projects.

Thank you,


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