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Running an MPI program within visual studio 2019

New Contributor I

I had to re-submit this question from a previous
attempt (under the same title but in HPC...).

In configuration properties I have:

>Fortran>Additional Include Directories:


>Linker>Additional Library Directories:


>Linker>Input>Additional Dependancies:

impi.lib libmpi_ilp64.lib

I build the solution and got my executable file.

I ran this file in the appropriate command prompt
(outside visual studio) and had no difficulties
running the program. (>mpiexec -np 12 mpi7)

I then tried running this within Visual Studio...
Debug>Start Without Debugging

I get a system error when the command prompt opens...
"The code execution cannot proceed because
impi.dll was not found"

I also tried "Open in terminal" where it does not
appear to give any output.

Finally under configuration properties I placed
entries in >Debugging>Command; in >Debugging>Command Arguments;
and in >Debugging>working directory....
No success.

I am trying to get visual studio to bring up the
appropriate command prompt and run my program.

I am not clear how to do this. Is running the executable
outside visual studio my only option?


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Hi Mike,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

As we can see that this query has been answered in Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit forum under the link.

we are considering it as a duplicate thread and we will no longer monitor this query here in this forum.

Hence we are closing this thread from our side and any further interaction in this thread will be considered community only.

Have a good day

Thanks & Regards,


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