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intel Oneapi linker failure


I have a legacy application which uses a mix of fortran and C++ and utilizes the classic MFC Winmain object instead of a main function. I use the classic intel fortran compiler to build a static library from the fortran code. Then, using VS2019 as my IDE, I compile the C++ code to build what is, or at least, used to be known as the standard MFC based C++ app. After having installed the intel oneapi base toolkit, though, when it is time to link the application, I either get "main not found" or "entry point must be defined" error. It has been a difficult climb to get to this point. We started with the app, which was being built with MS Visual Studio 6, circa 1998, and have gone straight to VS2019. Yes, that's right, 21 years in one gigantic leap. I would really like to get this last issue resolved as I am now on the cusp of making it work after several years of effort. I would note that the last time I tried to get some help with this, I got some ying-yang who asked for a 'sample reproducer', whatever that is. That concept, actually, does not apply well to an application of more than 2 1/2 million lines of code spread across more than 700 files with about a 50/50 mix of fortran and C++. Also, could I request that, when someone responds, I get an Email to my Email address of ''? There is a check box above and to the right of this body window which asks to get an Email, but that will go to my bosses Email address and I will never see it, if it goes there.


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