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Aihub New library in python for Data Analytics and Data Science



Hi, I am Suvhradip I am an enthusiast Deep Learning developer. I seen some issues about ai coding in few couple of month ago even i also faced same problem that is a coding problem, lots of struggling finally I am comfortable with coding for deep learning using python, In our developing community where lots of people come with a good idea but most of them are not able to implement their ideas for this issues I build my own deep learning library for help them easier to implement their ideas. I develop a python library that is Aihub. Aihub is the powerful and easiest library for deep learning because in backend tensorflow and keras are working thatswhy its powerful and faster than others.Here anyone can use this library and anyone can build a huge project in python just using a small line of code. I build it in Python because most of the developers and students like to use python for there developing career so I think this idea and proposal will help everyone to build and implement their own idea using less amount of effort.

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