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Bug in if installation path contains "/bin"


I am running the Professional Edition for Fortran and C++ of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016. This bug occurs in versions 16.0.0 and 16.0.1 at least.

When I discovered this bug, I was trying to source bin/ in order to set my LD_LIBRARY_PATH properly. After running this, my LD_LIBRARY_PATH contained a couple of suspicious entries:

daalvars.csh /soft/spack/opt/spack/linux-x86_64aries/intel-16.0.1/compilers_and_libraries_2016.1.150/linux/daal/bin/lib/intel64_lin
daalvars.csh /soft/spack/opt/spack/linux-x86_64aries/intel-16.0.1/compilers_and_libraries_2016.1.150/linux/daal/bin/../compiler/lib/intel64_lin

The installation directory I used was:


As you can see, something stripped the "/bin" out of the middle of my path. I tracked this bug down to another script that is sourced by If you look inside daal/bin/, you'll see the following line:

local daal=${daal_bin/\/bin/}

This line is designed to strip the "/bin" from the end of a path. However, my path contains the word "/binaries". This bash replacement actually strips out the first occurrence of the word "/bin". In order to fix this bug, I changed the line to the following:

local daal=${daal_bin%\/bin}

The second problem with is actually on the line above. The script added a "daalvars.csh " to my path. To be fair, this is actually my fault. In my .bashrc, I created a function:

function cd {
    command -p cd "$@" && ls

This function automatically runs "ls" every time I change directories. The problem with the script is that it runs "cd" to determine the directory:

local daal_bin=$(cd "$(dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}")" && pwd)

The easiest fix for me was to change the line into:

local daal_bin=$(command -p cd "$(dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}")" && pwd)

I know, it's definitely my fault for creating a "cd" function that obscures the system "cd". If you don't want to patch this then I totally understand. It's mainly the "/bin" stripping that I consider to be a bug.

I attached a patch that I created for this bug. In order to use it, download the path, place it in the daal/bin directory, and run:

patch -p1 < daalvars_patch.txt

I couldn't figure out where to submit a bug report for this problem, so if you would like me to submit an official bug report just let me know.

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I just noticed that the same problem with "cd" is occurring for me in pkg_bin/ with MANPATH. If you want to resolve this issue, simply add "command -p " before each call to "cd". I've added a patch to accomplish this.


Hi Adam,
I'll transfer this to the DAAL forum at:  for faster resolution to this issue, thanks.



Hi Adam,

Thanks for reporting the problem. We'll investigate and fix, if necessary, in our future releases.