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The oneAPI Data Analytics Library(beta) is a new name for the current Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL). This is a C++, Java*, and Python* software solution for data analytics. The library provides a set of optimized building blocks that can be used in all stages of the data analytics workflow. These building blocks include data mining methods such as basic statistical moments, principal component analysis, associating rule mining, outlier detection, etc.; and supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods such as linear regression, classification, Support Vector Machine, clustering, etc.

To report an issue, please provide the following details about the issue so we can replicate it:

  • Library version
  • OS info and version
  • Compiler version
  • GCC or Visual Studio version if applicable
  • Specifics on how to reproduce the problem. Include makefiles, command lines, small test cases, and build instructions
  • For regressions: provide the working compiler/library version and accelerator driver version (if applicable)

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