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Intel® DAAL 2017 Update 3 is now available


Intel® DAAL 2017 Update 3 was just released. Here are What's New in this release:

What's New in Intel® DAAL 2017 Update 3:

  • Intel DAAL (on Linux and macOS) can now be installed directly from yum, apt, and conda repositories.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Intel DAAL (for Linux and macOS)  switched to the Apache License 2.0

What's New in Intel® DAAL 2017 Update 2:

  • Lots of improvements for the neural networks API:

    • Added the transposed convolution layer
    • Added the reshape layer
    • Extended interface of loss softmax cross-entropy layer to support input tensors of arbitrary dimensions
    • Added sigmoid cross-entropy criterion
    • Added truncated Gaussian initializer for tensors
    • Extended support for distributed computing by adding the objective function with pre-computed characteristics
    • Improved performance of neural network layers used in topologies such as AlexNet
  • Added more samples to demonstrate the usage of this library. You can find and download the latest samples from: Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library Code Samples
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