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Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library 2016 Beta Update 2 is now available!


Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL) is a C++ and Java API library of optimized analytics building blocks for all data analysis stages, from data acquisition to data mining and machine learning. It is a library essential for engineering high performance data application solutions. Intel DAAL 2016 Beta Update 3 packages are now available for downloads. To join the free Beta program and get instructions on downloading the software, follow the links below:

What's New in Intel DAAL 2016 Beta Update 2

  • Introduced support for online and distributed processing modes for Naïve Bayes classifiers.
  • Introduced support for online and distributed processing modes for variance-covariance matrix computation.  
  • Added default initialization procedure in EM for GMM method.
  • Extended Java API to allow users to allocate memory for storing partial or final results of algorithms.
  • Added a service method for querying the library's version and the underlying hardware information.
  • Extended error handling capabilities.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.

See details in the release notes.

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