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Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library 2016 Update 2 is now available


Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL) is the library of Intel® architecture optimized building blocks covering all stages of data analytics: data acquisition from a data source, preprocessing, transformation, data mining, modeling, validation, and decision making. Intel DAAL 2016 Update 2 packages are now ready for download. Intel DAAL is available as part of the Intel® Parallel Studio XE and also as part of the free (no-cost)  Community Licensing program of Intel performance libraries. Please visit the Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library Product Page.

What's New in Intel DAAL 2016 Update 2

  • Improved numerical stability and error handling for EM GMM algorithm.
  • Performance improvements for multi-class classifiers, SVM, kernel functions, Apriori, and ALS algorithms.
  • Introduced support for Sorting algorithm in batch processing mode.
  • Introduced support for CSR data layout format in the initialization phase of the KMeans algorithm.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements in the library and its documentation. 
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