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Broken links after Intel MPI Library runtime install on Win 7 Ent



  After installing either available version of the Intel MPI Library 4.1 runtime environment ( or on Windows 7 Enterprise many of the programs listed in the 'Accessories' folder such as cmd.exe, calc.exe, paint.exe, etc. have broken shortcut links.  Restarting or simply logging off and back on fixes the issue but we are redistributing this and do not wish to have it occur.  Note that this does not occur on Windows 7 Professional, just Enterprise from what I can tell.  Is this a known issue or perhaps an isolated incident? 

 I attached the error you recieve if you try to check the security tab of the properties box on the cmd.exe program, otherwise clicking the shortcut just acts as a broken link and does nothing.

Anyone have thoughts on this?




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Hi Austen,

Is the system a clean system, or is it a production system that has been in use?  The installer adds to the %PATH% environment variable, and in Windows*, if the %PATH% environment variable is overfilled, it can overflow and possibly impact other environment variables.  I have seen %windir% corrupted before.  Please check the length of your %PATH% variable before installation.  There are two different limitations for environment variables.  The Win32 limit is 32,767 characters, but the command prompt applies its own limitation.  This limitation varies by Windows* version, and is 8191 for Windows XP* and later.  What is the length of the %PATH% variable before installing?

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
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