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Error observed while running IMB with -DCHECK option



I am using 'Intel MPI Benchmarks 2019 update 2' with -DCHECK option enabled.
The benchmark fails at 'Reduce_local' for sample size 4 and onwards (part of error given below) when tried with 'Intel MPI Library 2017 Update 3 for Linux' over shared memory (default), ofi (I_MPI_FABRICS=ofi) and dapl (I_MPI_FABRICS=dapl).
OS version ‘CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core)’.

=======================start of error snippet=========================
# Benchmarking Reduce_local
# #processes = 16
#bytes #repetitions t_min[usec] t_max[usec] t_avg[usec] defects
0 1000 0.04 0.21 0.06 0.00
0: Error Reduce_local,size = 4,sample #0
Process 0: Got invalid buffer:
Buffer entry: 0.100000
pos: 0
Process 0: Expected buffer:
Buffer entry: 13.599999
1: Error Reduce_local,size = 4,sample #0
Process 1: Got invalid buffer:
Buffer entry: 0.200000
pos: 0
Process 1: Expected buffer:
Buffer entry: 13.599999
=======================end of error snippet=========================

Following are the steps I used to install IMB.

1. downloaded from GitHub and extracted it using unzip command.

2. cd imb

3. export CPPFLAGS = -DCHECK

4. make

Also, even when the benchmark fails, the ‘defects’ column entry shows 0.00 which means the benchmark was successful whereas it was not.

If I use it without the -DCHECK option enabled, the benchmark completes successfully.

Can someone comment on this observation?




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