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Fortran Runtime Libraries Not Found?

Dear Intel Forum Members,

I posted a similar message on Sunday, February 14 but it appears to have been deleted.

Here is my configuration information:

Windows: Windows 10 Pro 2004 Build 19041.804
Visual Studio Professional 2019 Version 16.8.5 (New Install on PC, Recommended Installation, Default Settings)
Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit: w_BaseKit_p_2021.1.0.2664 (New Install on PC, Recommended Installation, Default Settings)
Intel oneAPI HPC Toolkit: w_HPCKit_p_2021.1.0.2682 (New Install on PC, Recommended Installation, Default Settings)
Sample oneAPI project: Console1.f90 (Hello Word) 

The installation of the Intel oneAPI BaseKit and HPC did not update my Windows 10 PATH environment 
variable during installation nor did it install the Common Files folder found in previous installations of the
Parallel Studio.  As a result, my executables are not able to find the required Intel oneAPI Fortran Runtime
Libraries (i.e.  libifcoremdd.dll) when run on the same PC that was used to compile the code.

Can someone tell me what I am missing?


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Thanks for reaching out to us.

Your issue is not been deleted, it's been moved to Fortran Forum as your issue is more related to Fortran, and we can see that the same issue is being handled in the Fortran Forum.

You can also access that issue with the below link.


As this is a duplicate issue we will no longer be monitoring this issue. Please expect a reply from the below thread.



Warm Regards,