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Heterogeneous setup help

Black Belt

I am trying to setup a heterogeneous MPI configuration and need some assistance. I've followed the instructions in the Intel(R) MPI Library for Windows* OS Developer Guide, section 5.5.

This is what I see

C:\Downloads\SANRAL\engineMPIOpenMPwithCrames\x64\Release>mpiexec -demux select -bootstrap service -genv I_MPIFABRICS shm:tcp -hostos linux -n 1 -host KNL hostname
Error connecting to the Service
[mpiexec@i72600K] ..\hydra\utils\sock\sock.c (270): unable to connect from "i72600K" to "KNL" (No error)

The Windows machine (i72600K is Windows 7, and it is configured as a WORKGROUP. The Linux machine (KNL) is configured without Domain controller. I also have a second Linux machine (Thor). I can run mpiexec as

Multiple ranks on i72600K
Multiple ranks on KNL
Multiple ranks on Thor
Multiple ranks on KNL + Thor

My issue is getting KNL + Thor + i72600K to work together.

Yes, I can ping cross systems And the MPI app, Windows variant, running as 1 or 2 ranks on i72600K (Windows) can connect to a MySQL database running on Thor (Linux).

The Window document (named above) may not be listing enough information as to what is require on Linux or Windows.

In a different documentation it states that the hydra service should be started with "-bootstrap ssh"?

Your help would be appreciated.

Jim Dempsey

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Black Belt

I should add that I have run mpiexec -register and specified user name and password (edit) that I wish to use on the Linux system.

Note, because I am not using domain, for the account, I entered the user account only.

Jim Dempsey