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2019 Discussions

IMB 2.3 Alltoall causing packet drops on SE7230NH1 / 82573V

I am running into an issue running the IMB benchmark (v2.3), specifically the Alltoall test. When the MPI message size increases above 4096 the nodes start to drop packets.

I am using:

e1000 driver ver 7.0.41

IMB ver 2.3

The benchmark is being run on six dual core nodes. The mpirun commandline reads:

/opt/src/wsm/mpich/mpich-1.2.7p1/bin/mpirun -v -nolocal -np 12 -machinefile /opt/mpich/gnu/share/machines /home/wsm/mpich-wsm/IMB_2.3/src/IMB-MPI1 Alltoall -npmin 12

I have outfitted two of the nodes with Pro/1000-PT (82572GI) PCIe adapter cards and those nodes no longer have any dropped packets even when Alltoall msgsize increments all the way to 4MB.

I have raised this issue via Intel quad support as a hardware issue but I wanted post this in the HPC group in case there was different insight.
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